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Protect our environment

Stop global warming!!!     WWF - Work for a living planet!     Stop whaling!!! Become an Ocean Defender and start making waves!

Everybody can do a little for our world! Donate a few bucks and join Greenpeace or the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). I'm unemployed, disabled and I don't have much money but anyway, I'm a Greenpeace supporter and I donate at least 5 € per month.

How does one say?

Many mickles make a muckle!

Spend as much as you can and help to stop whaling, to save endangered animals and to stop the termination of ancient forests like the Amazonas rainforest.

No money but a Computer with an internet connection? Become a Greenpeace Ocean Defender or sign up and get completely involved. You can also become a WWF Cyberactivist and send eMails to tell friends about the work they can do with some words and mouthclicks or some money.

In several protest actions you can send letters via eMail to politicians or industrial companies. The more people take part in, the more attention we will get.

You have an own Homepage? Place links (with banner) to Greenpeace etc. or create a web page like this one and get free Webspace if needed!

Visit the Greenpeace Homepage and start working.

Support the Madamfo Ghana association and help Bettina Landgrafe to fight against the child slavery in Ghana and help the villagers to help themselves!

STOP poaching wordwide!!! Asiatic Black Bears, Tigers and Rhinos are killed cause of superstition and for supposed medicine. The Asiatic Black Bears are tortured for many years.

Please support Mary Huttons project FreeTheBears!

Visit Ric O'Barry's Website and help to stop the Dolphin slaughter in the cove of Taijii!

Sign the petition to urge Canada to stop the cruel seal slaughter!

Felix is cool, planting trees ist also cool!

Plant trees while searching with the Ecosia search engine!

Do NOT throw old pharmaceuticals into your toilet or garbage can! Ask your pharmacist, your doctor or call your township (municipality) on how to and where you can give away your old pharmaceuticals in a safe way without endangering our groundwater!

Say NO to plastic bags! I use backpack, trolley and cloth shopping bags since 1997! Laziness and half-heartedness are two of the most toxic substances, do NOT support the big and greedy enterprises, they want to fully exploit our laziness, half-heartedness and greediness!!!


Together with our Earth, we'll DIE, too!

Every year a new smartphone?

Are you MAD???

Do NOT buy a new mobile phone or computer every year and do NOT throw the old ones into the trash can! You can sell or give old ones away and there are recycling companies near you. There is also NO plausible reason to buy a new mobile phone ONLY cause the display is broken, you can repair it yourself with display kits or go to a mobile phone doctor and pay only for exchanging the display! You can also replace a broken hard-drive, video-card or memory module with a new one instead of buying a new computer.

Join the corresponding Greenpeace campaign to redefine innovation!

Have a look at this: Fairphone and Ubuntu Touch for Fairphone 2.

Energy Safing Tips

Tips for the ecological and environment friendly use of TV sets, satellite receivers etc.:

Use timer switches (less than 10 €/$/£) to switch off your TV and satellite receiver automatically for the night and times when you're not at home!

Sadly, many manufacturers are producing modems, routers and more hardware without switches. Use multiple sockets with on/off switches for these kind of hardware and also for Computers, Printers etc., cause it's NOT necessary to have all this equipment turned on for 24 hours, 7 days a week! It's also easier to switch all hardware on and off and consider that it will be good for your wallet if you want save money.

But FIRST, shut down your computer the normal way, no hibernation! ;)

Apropos printing: You want to print whole websites? Why??? You want to save some text to show it to your family in the evening? So, ask yourself what to do! You can save the whole web page to your USB flash card or pendrive. You can select the text you want to show to your family and paste it to a simple textfile and save it to your pendrive. If you don't want to start your Computer at home only for showing the text, then print only the selected text! You'll save ink and paper (Screenshot)! Reminder: Each sheet of paper has two sides for printing, USE both sides!

Get Green Power in: Germany, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Other countries: Investigate your local electricity market to get green energy if available!

Green Webspace is also available but look for REAL Green Webspace Providers! There are providers who calling themselves Green but bought only RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) or carbon credits. Here is the Green Hosting Directory (wordwide) to give you a starting point.

Energy saving lamps with mercury? Yes/NO, they save power and that's good for our environment but mercury is acutely poisonous and endangers our health and environment! Please, do NOT throw away these lamps into the household garbage! Find informations on how to recycle the lamps in the right way on (USA) and or contact your local garbage collecting service and your City Hall Office respectively.

Led lamps are much better and not more expensive but have to be recycled, too!

You should also keep an eye on green products when buying new hardware!

1. Example: My Computers 550 Watt power supply (LC6550GP2 V2.2) is one of the Silent Giant Serie - Green Power Edition products from LC-Power and eats less power than traditional 550 Watt power supplies cause the two 12 Volt connectors working with a current rating of 21 and 23 Ampere respectively, not with 30 or more than 40 Ampere.

Also a good choice for eco-friendly power supplies: be quiet!

2. Example: The 3.5-inch hard drives I bought for my computer are running with 5400 rpm instead of 7200 rpm (Samsung Eco Green HD105SI are no longer present on the Samsung Website but you can still buy it, search the net for resellers. You can get the WD Green from Western Digital, other producers offer similar products. Windows XP and 8, Linux Mint and other Linux systems are running very well on my PC with the 5400 rpm hard-drive. Windows 7, 8 and several Linux OS are running very well on Notebooks with 2.5-inch, 5400 rpm HDDs. Ok, engineers can measure a difference to 7200 rpm HDDs but I do not really notice a difference while working. Only SSDs saving more energy (compare, some are not very efficient), working much faster than 7200 rpm HDDs and are more shock resistant but a bit more expensive.

3. Example: My CPU (AMD Phenom II X4 905e with 2.5 GHz. Now there's only the 910e with 2,6 GHz but the same TDP) works with 65 Watt input power (TDP) instead of 95 or 125 Watt like conventional AMD processors. Intel provides also low Watt processors!

4. Example: My video card (ASUS EN9600GT/DI/1GD3) is lower-clocked, that saves energy!

A lot of modern video cards are working with integrated power safe functions but i've seen some cards which need 550 Watt (Minimum) power supplies with a minimum of a current rating of 40 Ampere on the 12 Volt connectors. NOT really green!

Please click also on the banners (below) and help to stop the termination of our ancient forests and help to protect endangered animals. Thanx!

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